Data Dictionaries

TitleCollected atPptsOne row perKeywords
Demographics and Study Membership (CT+OS) Baseline, MainCT+OSParticipantBone Density, Demographics, Study Component, Sun exposure
Form 2 - Eligibility Screening BaselineCT+OSParticipantCancer History, Cardiovascular History, Demographics, Diabetes, Diabetes History, Diet, Height/Weight, Medical History, Osteoporosis/Bone Medication, Post-menopausal Hormone use, Reproductive History
Form 20 - Personal Information BaselineCT+OSParticipantCancer Screening, Demographics, Employment, Heath Care and Insurance, Marital Status, Reproductive History, Veteran
Form 41 - Addendum to Personal Information (Race) MainCT+OSParticipantDemographics
Form 41 Imputed Race and Ethnicity MainCT+OSParticipant
Form 42 - OS Questionnaire BaselineOSParticipantAlcohol, Cancer Screening, Coffee/Tea Consumption, Employment, Environment, Height/Weight, Participant Infancy Details, Physical Activity, Religion, Residence History, Smoking
Participant Follow-Up Status History (WHI Main Study and Extension) Main, Ext1, Ext2CT+OSStatus change
WHI Extension Membership Ext1, Ext2CT+OSParticipantStudy Component
CaD Medication Adherence MainCaDParticipant VisitAdherence
Form 10 & 50 - HRT Management and Safety Interview, Report of Vaginal Bleeding MainHTFormTrial Management
Form 17 - CaD Management and Safety Interview MainCaDFormTrial Management
Form 4 - HRT Washout BaselineHTParticipant
Form 54 - Change of Medications MainCTFormTrial Management
HRT Medication Adherence Baseline, MainHTParticipant VisitAdherence
HRT and CaD Unblindings Prior to Study Closure MainCTUnblindingTrial Management