Variables related to Bone Density

BMDFLAGRand to BMDIndicates if the participant was randomized or enrolled at a bone density clinic and was not randomized or enrolled as a part of enhanced recruitment for that clinic.Baseline, MainDemographics and Study Membership
BONEDENSF33 Bone density scan (e.g. DEXA)Since your last medical update, which of the following exams, tests, or procedures have you had: Bone density scan (e.g. DEXA)
*Not collected on versions of Form 33 used prior to the WHI Extensions. Not collected on latest version of Form 33.
Main, Ext1, Ext2Form 33 - Medical History Update Faints, Falls, Exams, Procedures (WHI Main Study and Extensions)
HIPSDSCNSide of the Hip ScanBaseline, MainBMD Hip Scan (CT+OS)
HIPAREAArea of the Total Hip (cm squared)Baseline, MainBMD Hip Scan (CT+OS)
HIPBMCBMC of the Total Hip (grams)Baseline, MainBMD Hip Scan (CT+OS)