Variables related to Demographics

RACERacial or ethnic groupHow would you describe your racial or ethnic group? If you are of mixed blood, which group do you identify with most?
*Users acknowledge that American Indian or Alaskan Native participants were self-identified and were primarily dwelling in urban areas and are not representative of the diverse American Indian population across the United States. Users agree not to use the data to infer tribal status or affiliation.
BaselineForm 2 - Eligibility Screening
EDUCHighest grade finished in schoolWhat is the highest grade in school you finished? (Mark one.)BaselineForm 20 - Personal Information
PEDUCPartner highest level of educationIf married or living in a marriage-like relationship, which category below best describes the highest level of school your husband (partner) completed? (Mark one.)
*Sub-question of F20 V4 Q9 "Current marital status".
BaselineForm 20 - Personal Information
INCOMETotal family income (before taxes)What was the total family income (before taxes) from all sources within your household in the last year? (Mark the one that is the best guess. This information is important for describing the women in the study as a group and is kept strictly confidential.)BaselineForm 20 - Personal Information
AGEAge at screeningAge at screening. Computed from Form 2 birth date.
*Age at screening may differ from the age stratum to which a participant was randomized, due to participants requesting a correction to their Form 2 birth date after randomization. Once a participant was randomized to a specific age stratum, they remained in that stratum despite corrections to their birth date. Therefore, the "Age stratum at randomization or enrollment" variable may differ from the age reflected in this variable.
Baseline, MainDemographics and Study Membership