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How to Develop and Publish a WHI Manuscript

WHI encourages and supports the use of the existing WHI data to address novel questions related to the health of postmenopausal women. We invite you to collaborate with us to make the most of this resource. Paper proposals stemming from ancillary studies also follow this process.

Proposal Approval

Research Paper Idea

Establish WHI Sponsor

Draft Proposal

P&P Proposal Review

Paper Approval

Confirm Writing Group

Access Data and Analyze

Draft Manuscript

P&P Manuscript Review


Submit to Journal

Revise and Resubmit

Accepted and Published

Research Paper Idea

Familiarize yourself with the Publications and Presentations (P&P) Policy.

Review approved proposals and manuscripts to check for duplication.

Contact the chairs of relevant Scientific Interest Groups for additional expertise and input.

Use WHI resources, such as the Query builder, to check that sufficient data exist to support your research idea

Printable version

Submission to Scientific Meetings

Abstracts developed for a scientific meeting must be associated with an approved proposal and require approval by the P&P committee. Meeting abstracts should be submitted to the P&P committee for review at least 2 weeks before the meeting’s submission deadline.

Relevant Dates

The P&P committee meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays from January to October and on the 2nd Thursday of November and December. See the table below for recent dates.

Submission Deadline - 2024Meeting Review Date -2024
Friday, June 28Thursday, July 11
Friday, July 12Thursday, July 25
Friday, July 26Thursday, August 8
Friday, August 9Thursday, August 22

Resources for Proposal & Manuscript Development


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