Ancillary Studies

Major Ancillary Studies

In addition to the main WHI studies, several ancillary studies have enrolled or are currently enrolling WHI participants. A few of the larger WHI ancillary studies are described below.

COcoa Supplement and Multivitamin Outcomes Study (COSMOS)

A clinical trial that will randomize approximately 22,000 men and women across the U.S. The study will investigate whether taking daily supplements of cocoa flavanols (600 mg/day) or a common multivitamin reduces the risk for developing heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

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WHI Life and Longevity After Cancer

The WHI Life and Longevity After Cancer (LILAC) Study was funded by the National Cancer Institute with study goals of enrolling WHI participants who have been diagnosed with cancer into a cancer survivorship cohort and then examining factors that may affect life and longevity among women who have been diagnosed with cancer.

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WHI Memory Study (WHIMS)

WHIMS was an ancillary study to the WHI Hormone Trials and enrolled 7,427 women aged 65 years and older. WHIMS investigated the effects of hormone supplementation on risk of probable dementia and any cognitive impairment and on changes in global cognition over time.

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Objective Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Health in Older Women (OPACH)

The OPACH study was an ancillary study of the WHI Long Life Study. Long Life Study participants who were ambulatory were concurrently invited to join the OPACH study. The goal of OPACH was to increase the understanding of the health benefits and risks of physical activity, specifically with cardiovascular events and incident falls.

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Women’s Health Initiative Sleep Hypoxia Effects on Resilience – WHISPER

The WHISPER study examines whether sleep-disordered breathing and the resulting low blood oxygen are associated with increased risks of health events, including heart attack, stroke, heart failure, cancer, and cognitive decline.

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All Funded and Approved Studies

PI Name
Funding Agency
Grant Number
Id734NameIdentification and validation of tumor-associated autoantibodies as markers for early detection of ovarian cancerPI NameKaaks,RudolfStatusApprovedFunding AgencyGrant NumberDatafilesN
Id732NameThe vitamin D metabolite ratio as a therapeutic target for the prevention of hip fracturesPI NameCheng,JonathanStatusApprovedFunding AgencyGrant NumberDatafilesN
Id728NameNeighborhood environment, sleep and rest-activity patterns and ADRD disparitiesPI NameXiao,QianStatusApprovedFunding AgencyGrant NumberDatafilesN
Id725NameEstablishing the dynamics of lymphoid clonal hematopoiesis and its aging disease consequencesPI NameBick,AlexStatusApprovedFunding AgencyGrant NumberDatafilesN
Id721NameExploring MLH1 constitutional methylation as a risk factor for right-sided colon ca & endometroid ca uteri & MGMT methylation as a risk factor for colon ca and glioblastomas in the WHI trialPI NameLonning,PerStatusFundedFunding AgencyGrant NumberDatafilesN
Id720NameRole of somatic mutation rate in healthy agingPI NameShoag,JonathanStatusApprovedFunding AgencyGrant NumberDatafilesN
Id717NameEpigenetic biomarkers of cardiovascular disease in African AmericansPI NameFranceschini,NoraStatusApprovedFunding AgencyGrant NumberDatafilesN
Id716NameFeasibility of RNA sequencing using archival tumor specimens collected in WHI LILACPI NameHazra,AditiStatusApprovedFunding AgencyGrant NumberDatafilesN
Id715NameHFpEF after breast cancer: An investigation within the Women’s Health InitiativePI NameReding,KerrynStatusApprovedFunding AgencyGrant NumberDatafilesN
Id714NamePilot study of sensitive and specific clinical biomarkers of b vitamin deficiency and relationship to AMDPI NameMares,JulieStatusFundedFunding AgencyGrant NumberDatafilesN