WHI Biospecimens

The WHI maintains a large repository of biological specimens available to investigators with approved and funded ancillary studies. The repository is located in Rockville, MD and maintained by Fisher Bioservices.

What’s Available

Baseline through Year 9 samples were collected at the WHI Clinical Centers. Urine was collected from bone mineral density (BMD) participants only at the Universities of Alabama, Arizona, and Pittsburgh (bone density clinicals). Long Life Study (LLS) samples were obtained in the participant’s home, between March 2012 and May 2013 (~Year 14 – 20).

Investigators should use the WHI Query Builder to check if there are enough participants with a given specimen for their proposed ancillary study. Studies are limited in the volume of samples they can request.

Additional information about collection, timing, processing (e.g., extraction and quantitation methods), shipment, and quality control are described in the WHI manual and in the Long Life Study: Synopsis of Blood Protocol.

Obtaining Access

Biospecimen samples are available to principal investigators with an approved and funded ancillary study. The steps from a funded study to specimen results with linkage to WHI survey data are depicted in the flowchart.

CCC = Clinical Coordinating Center; SPL = Specimen Processing Labs