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WHI Science Accelerator At-Large

WHI Investigators,

I am pleased to announce that on August 3, 2022, the Women’s Health Initiative Steering Committee approved a new position on the WHI Steering Committee, the Science Accelerator At Large. A description of the new position is attached, detailing responsibilities. The overall goal of creating this position is to engage an active and highly productive scientist from the larger WHI scientific community to work collaboratively with the SC members to increase opportunities for WHI science.

The Women’s Health Initiative is a landmark and highly productive study. It represents one of the largest studies launched by the NIH to study the key health issues impacting post-menopausal women. Those of us who have had the opportunity to serve on the WHI Steering Committee understand the potential for this new position to further advance meaningful contributions to the health and well-being of older women.

If you are interested in placing your name forward for consideration as the WHI Science Accelerator at Large or would like to nominate someone for this role, please carefully read through the attached documents and complete the nomination form. If you plan to nominate someone other than yourself, you must seek their agreement prior to submitting their name. The selected candidate will assume his or her role on December 1, 2022.

Please address any questions to Lindsey Bull ( and/or Cyndi Thomson.

We are looking forward to receiving applications!

Deadline for application October 1, 2022

Cyndi Thomson WHI Steering Committee Chair