Join a Writing Group

Writing groups are a team of research investigators who support a lead author in the development of their manuscript by:

  • Advising on the data analysis plan
  • Offering subject expertise
  • Participating in conference calls
  • Writing, revising, and editing the final draft
  • Recommending journals for submission

Paper proposals recently approved by the P&P Committee become open to accept nominations for writing group members. Since active participation is expected of every writing group member, members should be conscious of the number of groups they choose to participate in and keep their number of nominations to a reasonable limit.

If a title among the list of open writing groups interests you, please feel free to email the P&P Committee to obtain more information or provide you with a contact to the lead author.

How nominations to writing groups work

6 Open Writing Groups - All Close 10/5/2023

Ms4967 - Chronic lung disease prevalence and long Covid syndrome in post-menopausal women from the Women’s Health Initiative – Patrick Lawrence Montine

Ms4982 - The metabolomic signatures of dietary patterns and the association with the risk of developing type 2 diabetes – Huan Yun This proposal stems from a BAA; writing group slots for WHI investigators may be limited

Ms4983 - African admixture in association with hip fracture among the Women’s Health Initiative postmenopausal women – Yu Wang

Ms4984 - Metabolomic profiles of incident gallstone disease – Eugenia Uche-Anya

Ms4989 - Individual and neighborhood-level factors and risk of gastric cancer in a diverse population in the US – Meira Epplein This proposal stems from a collaboration; writing group slots for WHI investigators may be limited

Ms4996 - Impact of local ancestry on APOE locus effect size for lipid traits and c-reactive protein – Laura Raffield This proposal stems from a consortium; writing group slots for WHI investigators may be limited