The LILAC investigator data resource includes

  • Datasets created for longitudinal analyses of LILAC cancer survivors and the age-matched cancer-free cohort, utilizing demographic, physical, mental, social health, and clinical event data collected under the WHI protocol and standardizing variables collected across time and data collection forms; and
  • Surveys and medical record abstraction completed for LILAC cancer survivors, including summary cancer treatment information. LILAC cancer survivors included in these datasets were enrolled in the LILAC survivorship cohort during the first funding period (2/15/13 to 8/31/19). Medical records abstraction and self-reported (survey) data are based on LILAC datasets as of February 19, 2023.


WHI LILAC Participants and Age-Matched Cancer-Free Cohort – Dataset Guide

WHI LILAC Data Preparation and Use Guide

LILAC Cancer Survivors and Age-Matched Controls

DatasetData Dictionary
Blood draw/urine collectionlilac_blood_urine_inv
Psychosocial and functional assessments (quality of life)lilac_quality_of_life_inv
Objective physical measureslilac_physical_measures_inv
Personal habitslilac_personal_habits_inv
Clinical history at WHI enrollmentlilac_clinical_history_whi_enrol_inv
Clinical eventslilac_clinical_events_inv

LILAC Cancer Survivors

DatasetData Dictionary
Clinical characteristics of cancerlilac_cancer_characteristics_inv
Baseline questionnaire (Form 340)lilac_form_340_inv
Annual survey (Form 370)lilac_form_370_inv
Follow-up survey (Form 371)lilac_form_371_inv
Breast cancer abstraction (Form 342)lilac_form_342_breast_inv
Lung cancer abstraction (Form 343)lilac_form_343_lung_inv
Colorectal cancer abstraction (Form 344)lilac_form_344_colorectal_inv
Ovarian cancer abstraction (Form 345)lilac_form_345_ovarian_inv
Endometrial cancer abstraction (Form 346)lilac_form_346_endometrial_inv
Invasive melanoma abstraction (Form 347)lilac_form_347_melanoma_inv
Leukemia cancer abstraction (Form 348)lilac_form_348_leukemia_inv
Lymphoma cancer abstraction (Form 349)lilac_form_349_lymphoma_inv
Chemo medicationslilac_chemo_meds_inv

The above dataset files require a WHI login account and appropriate permissions to download.

Abstraction Forms