Variables related to Adherence

ADHRATECaD medication adherence rate for the periodMainCaD Medication Adherence
COLLECTWas adherence collection performed during periodWere CaD pill bottles collected to allow adherence determination for period? If not, no adherence rate can be calculated.MainCaD Medication Adherence
STOPCADParticipant inactive in CaD intervention during periodWas the participant inactive in the CaD intervention (i.e. not taking study pills) for all or part of the period.MainCaD Medication Adherence
RESUMECADParticipant resumed CaD intervention during periodDid the participant resume CaD intervention (start taking study pills) during this period after having stopped?MainCaD Medication Adherence
LOSTParticipant lost-to-follow-up during periodDid the participant have a status of lost-to-follow-up during all or part of this CaD adherence period?MainCaD Medication Adherence