Open Writing Groups

All Close 4/2/20


How nominations to writing groups work:

  • To be considered for a writing group:

    • If you are not a PI, Co-I, or associate member, you will need a WHI PI to submit a nomination on your behalf.  Please consult the list of sponsoring PIs.

    • If you are a PI, Co-I, or associate member, you may submit a nomination on your own behalf.  After verifying you are logged into the website with your WHI username and password, please click the "Make a Nomination" link in the left-hand nomination.


  • Nominations may only be submitted by WHI PIs, Co-Investigators, and Associate Members with approved account access. PIs may nominate other investigators with appropriate research background.

  • Investigators are expected to actively participate in every writing group they sign up for and should keep their total number of nominations to a reasonable limit.


 4 Open Writing Groups - All Close 4/2/20


Ms4086 - Maternal genetic associations with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy – Michael Honigberg


Ms4104 - Harmonizing local and national dietary data – Julia Hua Fang


Ms4122 - Impact of SAID disorders (Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression) on incident atrial fibrillation in postmenopausal women: Insights from The Women's Health Initiative – Susan Zhao


Ms4126 - Comparison of air pollution exposure assessments based on different modelling approaches within the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) cohort – Melinda Power