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New location for WHI forms.  Under development.

Study Phase
I002 v3Eligibility ScreenWHIInstructions
I003 v3.1Eligibility Screen (Interview)WHIInstructions
I004 v1Hormone WashoutWHIInstructions
I006 v4Final Eligibility AssessmentWHIInstructions
I007 v3Participation StatusWHIInstructions
I009 v8ES Participation StatusES1, ES2Instructions
I010 v7HRT Management and Safety InterviewWHIInstructions
I011 v4Initial Consent StatusWHIInstructions
I016 v3CaD Eligibility AssessmentWHIInstructions
I017 v5CaD Management and Safety InterviewWHIInstructions
I020 v4Personal InformationWHIInstructions
I023 v2Search to Locate ParticipantWHIInstructions
I023 v8Search to Locate ParticipantES1, ES2Instructions
I024 v8Retention WorksheetES1, ES2Instructions
I025 v1.1Participant Treatment Assignment - E-aloneWHIInstructions
I028 v1Participant Treatment Assignment - CaDWHIInstructions
I031 v2Eligibility Screen (Interview)WHIInstructions
I032 v3Family HistoryWHIInstructions
I033 v11Medical History UpdateES2Instructions
I033 v5Medical HistoryWHIInstructions
I033 v8Medical History UpdateES1Instructions
I033D v9Medical History Update (Detail)ES1Instructions
I034 v2Personal HabitsWHIInstructions
I035 v1Personal Habits UpdateWHIInstructions
I037 v6Thoughts and FeelingsWHIInstructions
I038 v6Daily LifeWHIInstructions
I039 v2Cognitive AssessmentWHIInstructions
I040 v1Addendum to Medical History UpdateWHIInstructions
I041 v1Addendum to Personal HabitsWHIInstructions
I042 v1.1Observational Study (Baseline)WHIInstructions
I043 v2Hormone UseWHIInstructions
I044 v4Current MedicationsWHIInstructions
I045 v2Current SupplementsWHIInstructions
I048 v2OS Follow-up QuestionnaireWHIInstructions
I049 v1Estrogen Plus Progestin SurveyWHIInstructions
I050 v2On-Study BleedingWHIInstructions
I053 v1HRT CalendarWHIInstructions
I054 v2Change of (Study) MedicationsWHIInstructions
I055 v2Estrogen-Alone SurveyWHIInstructions
I060 v1.4FFQWHIInstructions
I061 v2.2How to Fill Out the FFQWHIInstructions
I062 v2Four Day Food RecordWHIInstructions
I080 v2Physical MeasurementsWHIInstructions
I081 v6.1Pelvic ExamWHIInstructions
I082 v2Endometrial AspirationWHIInstructions
I083 v2Transvaginal Uterine UltrasoundWHIInstructions
I084 v4Clinical Breast ExamWHIInstructions
I085 v3.1MammogramWHIInstructions
I085 v8MammogramES1Instructions
I086 v1.1ECGWHIInstructions
I087 v2Bone Density ScanWHIInstructions
I090 v1Functional StatusWHIInstructions
I092 v2Pap SmearWHIInstructions
I100 v1.5Blood Collection and ProcessingWHIInstructions
I101 v2Urine Collection and ProcessingWHIInstructions
I111 v1.1Extension (non-HT) Consent StatusES1Instructions
I112 v1.2Extension (HT) Consent StatusES1Instructions
I113 v1.1Supplemental Use Consent StatusES1Instructions
I114 v1.1WHI Genetic Studies Consent StatusES1Instructions
I115 v2Extension Consent StatusES2Instructions
I120 v4Initial Notification of DeathWHIInstructions
I120 v8.1Initial Notification of DeathES1, ES2Instructions
I121 v8Report of Cardiovascular OutcomeES1Instructions
I123 v8Report of Fracture OutcomeES1Instructions
I124 v8Report of DeathES1Instructions
I125 v10Summary of Hospitalization DiagnosisES2Instructions
I126 v8Report of VTEES1Instructions
I130 v8.2Report of CancerES1Instructions
I131 v8Report of HysterectomyES1Instructions
I132 v8Report of StrokeES1Instructions
I134 v8Addendum to Medical History UpdateES1Instructions
I143 v3Hormone UseWHIInstructions
I144 v1.1OS Follow-up Year 4WHIInstructions
I145 v1OS Follow-up Year 5WHIInstructions
I146 v1OS Follow-up Year 6WHIInstructions
I147 v1OS Follow-up Year 7WHIInstructions
I148 v1OS Follow-up Year 8WHIInstructions
I149 v1Supplement to OS Follow-up QxWHIInstructions
I150 v9Hormone Use UpdateES1Instructions
I151 v9Activities of Daily LivingES1, ES2Instructions
I152 v1Health Follow-up by ProxyES1, ES2Instructions
I153 v1Medication and Supplement InventoryES1, ES2Instructions
I154 v1Breast Health Supplement to the Medication InventoryES1Instructions
I155 v1Lifestyle QuestionnaireES2Instructions