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WHI Extension Study 2 (2010-2020) - Study Manual

The study manual volumes for Extension Study 2 are listed below, followed by appendices and supplemental materials. Files are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.

Volume 3 of the study manual is currently not available.
00-Table of Contents.pdf
01-Extension Study 2 Protocol.pdf
04-RC Communication, Document, and Guidelines.pdf
07-Follow-up Contacts.pdf
08-Outcomes 8.1-8.5 RC procedures.pdf
08-Outcomes 8.6-8.11 PA procedures.pdf
10-Data Management.pdf
The study appendices are below.  The first four appendices are contained within the first group.  Appendix F and G are grouped separately, as they contain many individual files.  Please expand the container of interest to locate the desired appendix files.
expand Appendix Name : Appendices A-E ‎(4)
expand Appendix Name : Appendix F - Participant Material Templates ‎(44)
expand Appendix Name : Appendix G - Helpful Hints ‎(12)
expand Appendix Name : Appendix H - Ancillary Studies ‎(1)