The baseline data dictionaries contain more than 250 computed variables. The documents below contain supplemental information about how some of the Diet computed variables are constructed.

Also refer to the Data Prep document, 4.8-FFQ, on page 5.

Sep. 2016: Diet Quality Index Scoring Guidelines added for aMED, DASH and HEI-2010. See My Pyramid Equivalents Database 2.0 (MPEDs) and Diet Quality Indices for the WHI FFQ above for more details.

Dec. 2012:  MPEDs (MyPyramid Equivalents Database) and Healthy Eating Index 2005 (HEI-2005) data have been added as a single data set; see the Form 60-MPEDs and HEI Variables below and MPED and HEI document above for more details.   

Nov. 2012:  For a summary of the 24-hour recall data, including the first Extension Study 2005-2010, see Table 3.3-Nutrient Intake Monitoring in the 2011 Progress Report. 

Data Dictionaries

Form 60 - Food Frequency Questionnaire - Computed NutrientsCT+OSFormBaseline, MainPDF
Form 60 - Items and Food GroupsCT+OSFormBaseline, MainPDF
Form 60 - MPEDS and HEI VariablesCT+OSParticipant VisitBaseline, MainPDF