WHI Progress Reports

Several recent WHI Progress Reports are listed below.  The reports contain information and tables summarizing study data for the year.  Each report contains summary information and tables for following general sections:

  • Overview for the year
  • WHI Components, including Hormone Therapy, Dietary Modification, Calcium and Vitamin D, Observational Study, and Overall Clinical Trial
  • Central Adjudication
  • Data Quality and Study Performance reports
  • Specimen Repository status
  • Core, BAA, and Ancillary studies
  • Publications
  • WHI Memory Study (WHIMS) progress report (included starting  in 2010)

See the following specific reports:

  • 2005 – for final data at the end of the primary WHI: 1993-2005
  • 2010 – for final data at the end of the Extension Study 2005-2010
  • 2011, Table 3.3-Nutrient Intake Monitoring for 24-hr recall data 

Please note the following disclaimer regarding the use of these reports: The data, if any, contained in this report/deliverable are preliminary and may contain unvalidated findings. These data are not intended for public use. Public use of these data could create erroneous conclusions which, if acted upon, could threaten public health or safety.

2019 Annual.pdf2019 Annual
2018 Annual.pdf2018 Annual
2017 Annual.pdf2017 Annual
2016 Annual.pdf2016 Annual
2016 Annual.docx2016 Annual
2015 Annual.pdf2015 Annual
2014 Annual.pdf2014 Annual
2013 Annual.pdf2013 Annual
2012 Annual.pdf2012 Annual
2011 Annual.pdf2011 Annual
2010 Annual.pdf2010 Annual
2009 Annual.pdf2009 Annual
2008 Annual.pdf2008 Annual
2007 Annual.pdf2007 Annual
2006 Annual.pdf2006 Annual
2005 Annual.pdf2005 Annual
2004-2 August Semi-Annual.pdf2004-2 August Semi-Annual
2004-1 February Semi-Annual.pdf2004-1 February Semi-Annual
2003-2 August Semi-Annual.pdf2003-2 August Semi-Annual
2003-1 February Semi-Annual.pdf2003-1 February Semi-Annual
2002-2 August Semi-Annual.pdf2002-2 August Semi-Annual
2002-1 February Semi-Annual.pdf2002-1 February Semi-Annual
2001-2 August Semi-Annual.pdf2001-2 August Semi-Annual
2001-1 February Semi-Annual.pdf2001-1 February Semi-Annual
2000-2 August Semi-Annual.pdf2000-2 August Semi-Annual
2000-1 February Semi-Annual.pdf2000-1 February Semi-Annual
1999-2 August Semi-Annual.pdf1999-2 August Semi-Annual
1999-1 January Semi-Annual.pdf1999-1 January Semi-Annual
1998 Annual.pdf1998 Annual
1997 Annual.pdf1997 Annual
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