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The Simple Search below allows for basic criteria to be specified.  The query will be run based on partial-text matching, and criteria listed in the fields below will be joined by an AND operator (i.e., all criteria must be matched for an item to be returned).  For a more versatile search, including selection of Boolean operators and criteria grouping, please try the Advanced Search.

Tips and tricks for creating search strings

To search a field for a specific phrase

  • Surround the phrase in quotation marks. For example, to search for the exact phrase dietary modification but not dietary and behavioral modification, enter "dietary modification."

  • Alternatively, to exclude specific words from the results, prefix the word with a minus sign (-). For example, to find all matches with a mention of myocardial infarction but not stroke, enter myocardial infarction -stroke.

To search a field for any of several words

  • Simply enter all the words separated by spaces. Entering multiple words in a search box implies an OR between each word. You can also enter the OR explicitly. For example, to find matches related to cancer or diabetes, you can enter the search terms cancer diabetes, which implies cancer OR diabetes.

To search a field for all of several words

  • Separate each word with AND (not case-sensitive) or the plus sign (+). For example, to search for matches that mention cancer and diabetes, enter cancer AND diabetes or cancer+diabetes.

All of the search tips above are also valid for the full-text search field Search in all columns for.

Additional usage notes

  • Output files for Excel may generate a security or invalid file type or extension warning when attempting to open.  Click Yes to open the file in Excel.

  • Problems with opening Excel exports of results? There is currently an issue, as of July 2016, for users with Excel 2010 and 2013 that is causing these files not to open.  Please read this workaround.


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