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DM and OS stroke adjudication process, completed 2/4/16.WHI stroke adjudicator efforts to eliminate OS and DM case backlog complete

In January 2015 there were 2220 stroke cases remaining from the original 5,000 identified in the WHI Observational Study and Diet Modification Trial that required adjudication before the end of Extension II. With a goal of completing all cases by March 31, 2016, the Stroke Adjudication Committee—consisting of 9 physicians—agreed to increase their monthly caseload in order to complete these cases on time, many doubling or tripling their expected monthly caseload. As a result of the Stroke Committee's ambitious efforts, all cases were assigned by January 12, 2016, and are expected to be completed ahead of the March 31st deadline. We extend our many thanks to the Stroke Committee members for their instrumental contributions and commitment to the Outcomes Adjudication Committee.

Thank you

Dr. Ganesh Asaithambi, Dr. Muhib Khan, Dr. Enrique Leira, Dr. Jose Merino, Dr. Nandakumar Nagaraja, Dr. Lenore Ocava, Dr. Brian Silver, Dr. David Tirschwell, and Dr. Jana Wold