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Skip Navigation LinksJune 2015 WHI Investigators' Datasets Released

June 2015 Investigators' Datasets Released

A new release of the WHI investigators' datasets was published June 17, 2015. New data in this release include Form 156 data (Supplemental Questionnaire), several updates to the specimen test result files, and ancillary study results on mammographic density and coronary artery calcium. For details about the Form 156 and specimen test results data, please read the Data Preparation and Use documentation. The mammographic density and coronary artery calcium data may be found on their Study Pages:

  • W25: WHI Coronary artery calcification study in E-alone (WHI-CACs)
  • AS36: Menopausal hormone therapy and changes in mammographic density
  • AS128: Mammographic density and invasive breast cancer in the estrogen-plus-progestin trial