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RFP.pngRequest for Proposals: Accelerating Science and Research in WHI: The IGNITE sessions

In addition to the plenary sessions and poster session at the WHI Annual Scientific Meeting on May 4-5, 2017 (Columbus, Ohio), we are proposing 2 new sessions—the IGNITE sessions—that distill new and emerging ideas for advancing science within WHI into 3 key messages that can be delivered in 3 minutes with only 3 slides. The ideas to be selected for presentation for the IGNITE sessions could range from new ancillary studies (observational and randomized trials), new items to include in the Supplemental Questionnaire 2018(RFQ March-May 2017; questionnaire to be mailed calendar year 2018), further analyses of existing data within WHI that lead to the possibility for new studies, or new methodologic research that could leverage WHI as a resource.

In response to this solicitation we ask that you submit your ideas to LeaEllen Ren ( for review using the form below by Thursday, March 30. Selected proposals will be included on the WHI agenda. Presenters would be asked to distill their idea into 3 key messages that will be delivered in 3 minutes with 3 slides. We would suggest that those 3 key messages reflect what is most exciting and important about your idea (and present this in any clever way you wish to have the audience really understand what you are saying) for message 1 and/or 2 and conclude the presentation by thinking about ways to engage feedback and involve others in further developing your proposed idea(s) (message 3). Our intent is to IGNITE energy around new science opportunities within WHI and to provide the time for attendees to come together on shared interests. We anticipate that the IGNITE presentations may be the most important and informative aspect of the meeting and to move ideas forward, ample time for breakout sessions to further explore these ideas will be provided.

To download a text version of this RFP announcement and proposal template, please click here.


Template for IGNITE proposals


Name & Affiliation:


Collaborator Names & Affiliations:


Title of IGNITE Idea:



            New ancillary study:

            Questions for Supplemental Questionnaire 2018:

            Research topics where WHI can have greatest contribution:



Brief description (no more than 2 paragraphs):