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​Opportunities to Become Involved with WHI

WHI welcomes opportunities to collaborate. If you would like to use WHI data or develop an ancillary study, this section will help you find a WHI investigator to guide you through the process and make the official connections needed to access the WHI data and participants.

  • Propose a paper using WHI data - Investigators associated with WHI, their colleagues, and scientists from outside institutions may propose to write scientific manuscripts using WHI data. If you are not a WHI Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator or Associate Member, solicit collaboration with a WHI investigator who can sponsor your proposal and provide expertise on design, content, and analysis of WHI data. See the “Contacting a Collaborator” section below to begin this process.

  • Propose an ancillary study - A WHI ancillary study is any study that requires collection of additional data from participants enrolled in any WHI component, including data obtained from existing specimens. A WHI investigator needs to be included as a co-investigator in every ancillary study proposal. The WHI Investigator list can help you identify a WHI investigator to sponsor your ancillary study application.

  • Propose a consortium - WHI is often asked to participate in consortium projects by contributing data and/or biospecimen. Such projects have the potential to maximize the scientific value of resources generated by WHI.

  • Join a Scientific Intere​st Group (SIG) - Non-WHI investigators may be interested in participating in one or more of WHI's Scientific Interest Groups. The SIGs meet by conference call regularly to share information, stimulate ideas, and coordinate scientific activities in line with their mutual interests. You need not be a WHI investigator to participant in a SIG.

  • Apply to become an Associate Member - Investigators who have demonstrated a continuing commitment to using WHI scientific resources may apply for associate membership if they have led at least 3 scientific activities in the past 3 years. For these purposes, serving as first or senior author of a publication or being the PI of a funded ancillary study constitutes scientific leadership. Associate members may propose manuscripts or ancillary studies without a sponsor or self nominate to be a co-author or committee member.

  • Explore the​ WHI data available through the NHLBI's data repository Biologic Specimen and Data Repository Information Coordinating Center (BioLINCC) - A WHI collaborator is not needed to access these datasets.     

Contacting a collaborator

Search the list of WHI Sponsoring Principal Investigators by research interests or consult publication lists to identify an investigator with appropriate expertise in your area of interest. Some investigators are currently involved with multiple ancillary studies and manuscripts and may be unable to devote time to an additional project. Once you have identified a possible collaborator, consult their Community of Science (COS) profile for contact information. If that information is missing or not current, try contacting their institution or​.