Working with WHI Data

WHI Data Collection and Procedures

You are strongly encouraged to review the following resources to help you understand the WHI data.

Help with using the data files

WHI Background and Collection info

Data resources publicly available

WHI Data Dictionaries

Annually, the WHI CCC creates and releases a cumulative dataset for analysis. The corresponding data dictionaries provide a comprehensive directory of the available variables, including their distributions within the study population.

Query Builder

The Query Builder was designed to help stimulate ideas for WHI data and biospecimen use.   Queries can be based on study components, demographics, outcomes, specimen availability, test results and more.

See this introductory video to learn how to use the query builder.

Annual Progress Reports

Progress reports are annual summaries of the cumulative data at a specific point in time. They may be the easiest way to locate quick counts in the WHI data.

Existing Specimen Test Results

WHI maintains a database of specimen results already performed by WHI and ancillary studies.

  • This page lists the Blood and Urine tests already completed and their QA and summary statistics.
  • The query builder can help determine how many participants with a specific test result.

Available Genotyping Data

A subset of WHI participants have genotype data available through dbGaP or TOPMed.  The Query builder can give you insight into which groups of participants have these data available.

Ancillary Study Data Dictionaries

Ancillary studies provide data new to WHI. For new survey, clinical measurement, or intervention data, the data files and dictionaries are created by the ancillary study investigators and sent to the WHI. Use this listing to find the studies with these data.

If new specimen results were generated, see Existing Specimen Test Results.

Resources available for those with approved paper proposals

WHI Dataset Files

If you plan to conduct the analysis yourself, a signed Data Use Agreement must be submitted to the CCC at Once completed, you will be sent a link to download the WHI data.

Virtual Data Enclave

Some sensitive data are not included in the dataset files, but are available for analysis.  Approved investigators can contact the WHI Coordinating Center to set up an account on our Virtual Data Enclave to use these data.

Data We Cannot Release