Scientific Interest Groups

Scientific Interest Groups, or SIGs, represent the social networking within WHI designed to optimize the use of WHI resources by: 

  • Stimulating scientific exchange
  • Encouraging productive collaboration within specific topic areas
  • Advancing science by developing innovative scientific papers and ancillary studies
  • Providing opportunities to engage current and new scientists to WHI
  • Coordinating acitivities in an area of mutual scientific interest. 

SIGs meet regularly by conference call to accomplish these objectives.  Any interested researchers can participate. To join a specific SIG, contact the corresponding SIG chair to be added to their mailing list and receive notifications about upcoming SIG calls.

SIG Chairs

Scientific Interest GroupChair or Co-ChairsContact E-mail
Aging: Cognition & Functional StatusSteve
Atrial FibrillationMarco
Bone/Fracture & Body CompositionCarolyn
Cardiovascular DiseaseMarcia
Genetics, Proteomics & BiomarkersThemistocles (Tim)
Race, Ethnicity, and Health EquityCrystal
Nutrition/Energy BalanceYasmin
Obesity & DiabetesLesley
Physical & Built EnvironmentsEric
Physical Activity/Body CompositionMichael
Psychosocial & Behavioral HealthMichelle