Get Started With WHI

Are you interested in doing research with the Women’s Health Initiative data? Here are ways to get started.

Join Scientific Interest Groups

Scientific Interest Groups, or SIGs, focus on a particular health research area. Join them to:

  • learn of ongoing WHI research
  • become familiar with WHI resources
  • meet members of the investigator community

Visit the SIGs page for the list of health topics and information about how to join.

Find a Sponsoring Investigator

A WHI Sponsoring Investigator will help you navigate WHI data and procedures. Find a sponsor with common interests to help you develop a proposal for a new manuscript or study.

Join Open Writing Groups

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You may be able to contribute to ongoing projects by joining a writing group for an approved paper proposal. If you are new to WHI, contact a Sponsoring Investigator to find out more.

Propose a New Paper or Ancillary Study

Writing. Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash.

Do you have an idea for an analysis? Propose a paper to analyze existing data.

Do you want to collect new data from WHI participants or analyze their biospecimen samples? Plan an ancillary study to answer a novel research question.

Search publications and ancillary studies already completed or in progress to avoid overlap.

Become an Associate Member

I want to be an associate WHI investigator flowchart

Are you already participating in WHI research functions, either as an active committee member, current or recent Scientific Interest Group (SIG) lead, or current or recent ancillary study investigator? Consider applying to become an Associate Member! WHI investigators may also nominate a qualified individual for Associate Member.

Associate Members may propose a manuscript or ancillary Associate Members may propose a manuscript or ancillary study without the need for a sponsoring PI, nominate oneself to be a co-author of an approved manuscript or as a committee member, access study datasets with an approved data usage agreement, and are invited to participate in WHI scientific meetings. Please see the WHI Investigator categories for additional details.