This document can be used to prepare or evaluate feasibility of ancillary study proposals and paper proposals, but is NOT intended for publication.

Participant Follow-Up Status History (WHI Main Study and Extension)

File NameData as ofPopulationData collectedOne row perRows
fust_ctos_inv.dat2/28/2020CT+OSMain, Ext1, Ext2Status change332,109
ID - WHI Common ID
Col 1
FUSTARTDY - Days since rand/enroll to start of participant`s follow-up status
Col 2
Usage Notes: Days since randomization or enrollment to a status of deceased does not represent date of death, but rather the date the participants status was changed to deceased.
FUENDDY - Days since rand/enroll to end of participant`s follow-up status
Col 3
Usage Notes: A missing value indicates this is the last/latest follow-up status recorded for the participant.
FUSTATUS - Participant`s study follow-up status
Col 4
Usage Notes: To determine the last/latest follow-up status recorded for a paticipant, use one of the following methods: (1) select the participant record with a missing value for FUENDDY or (2) select the participant record with the greatest FUSTARTDY value. Until determined to be deceased, the last/latest follow-up status for a participant who did not consent to the WHI Extension 1 or Extension 2, is the follow-up status she had at the end of the study period for which she last consented. Note: do not use this data file to determine end of follow-up for time-to-event analyses. Instead use the ENDFOLLOWDY variable in the outc_ct_os_inv.dat file.
1Full follow-up188,00856.6
2Proxy follow-up9,8323
4Partial follow-up22,6386.8
5No follow-up6,2891.9
7Lost to follow-up29,5408.9
8Absolutely no contact9,7182.9