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You can change your WHI password at any time using the tool below.   Please review the followiing password requirements before doing so.

WHI security rules require complex passwords. This means a minimum of seven characters using at least three of the following four character types:

  • Upper case

  • Lower case

  • Numeral

  • Special character

Examples of compliant passwords are:

  • Good4you

  • Live2Shop

  • 2BEV~2BE

Passwords must be changed every 180 days.  Reminders are sent via e-mail to those users with addresses beginning 10 days prior to expiration.  If you require further assistance, please contact the WHI Help Desk.

When entering your WHI username in the password change tool below, please exclude with 'whi\' portion. For example, if your username is 'whi\jsmith,' then enter 'jsmith' only.  You can click the green arrow to the right of the "WHI Username" field to verify your username and see how many days remain before your password expires.

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