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Scientific Interest Groups (SIGs)

Scientific Interest Groups represent the social networking within WHI designed to optimize WHI resources by:

  • Stimulating scientific exchange

  • Encouraging productive collaboration within specific topic areas

  • Advancing science by developing innovative scientific papers and ancillary studies

  • Providing opportunities to engage current and new scientists to WHI

  • Coordinating activities in an area of mutual scientific interest

These groups meet regularly by conference call to accomplish these objectives. Each SIG has its own website to facilitate collaboration. To learn more about a particular SIG, and to gain access to that SIG's website, please contact the chairperson of the relevant SIG, listed below.

WHI currently hosts SIGs pertaining to the following topic areas:

Aging: Cognition & Functional
Bone/Fracture & Body
Genetics, Proteomics & BiomarkersAssimesThemistocles (Tim)
Genetics, Proteomics &
Minority and Health
Obesity &
Physical & Built
Physical Activity/Body
Psychosocial & Behavioral