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Welcome WHI researchers! These pages contain information for current and new WHI investigators.  If you are interested in working with WHI data or biospecimens, this website provides helpful resources for getting started. Included in this section are:

  • Ways to get involved - Learn how to propose a manuscript using WHI data or propose an ancillary study involving WHI participants or specimens, find WHI collaborators, or join a Scientific Interest Group

  • WHI Data – Learn about what data and specimens were collected during each study phase, access data documentation, view summary tables, and learn how to access WHI datasets

  • WHI Forms and Materials – View data collection forms, protocols, consent forms, and procedures manuals for each study phase

  • Ancillary Studies – Learn about complete and in progress ancillary studies, including BAA and "Core" studies 

  • Publications – Browse or search for published WHI manuscripts

If you are new to WHI, we encourage you to review About WHI for an overview of the study, and to visit Researchers/Get Involved for help getting started.

News for WHI Investigators

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